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Access financial resources and support that help you get the most of the Medical District. Check out all of our resources below — businesses, employees, residents, and developers can all benefit from MMDC resources, funding, and programs. Have a question? Just contact us.

Grants & funding
growing the district
MMDC offers multiple financial programs to support businesses throughout the District. Get access to improvement grants, pre-development grants, and event sponsorships.
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Real Estate
Real Estate Support
MMDC offers a range of guidance, data, and funding to help developers turn a real estate project into reality. From market studies to technical assistance to capital funding, you’ll find the support you need.
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Business Support
We think small businesses are a big deal — and we want to help yours find a home in the Medical District. That’s why we offer direct, one-on-one support for small businesses to connect them with valuable resources and opportunities.
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Live Local
Medical District institution employees may be eligible for up to $2,000 toward a new apartment lease or up to $15,000 for a new home purchase in Memphis' most central neighborhoods.
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Hire Local
This unique program connects District institutions with local talent to provide training, education, and employment opportunities.
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Living in the District
It’s hard to find a more vibrant, active, and centrally located area than the Medical District. From entertainment to employment and everything in between, life in the District is truly for everyone.
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