Live Local
Live in the heart of Memphis

Are you an employee of ALSAC or Southern College of Optometry?

Move to the Medical District with Live Local! Our program provides up to $2,000 towards a new lease in the Medical District and surrounding neighborhoods.

Your benefits to living closer to work and the Live Local lifestyle:

  • Shorten your commute and free up time
  • Spend less on gas, parking, and be kinder to the environment
  • Reduce stress and boost your health
  • Access to entertainment, cultural, and dining offerings
  • Join a growing community!
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Employee Eligibility Information
Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

southern college of optometry

Funding: Up to $2,000 for new rentals or $1,000 for a renewal rental

Eligibility: any full-time employee who has successfully completed their introductory/probationary period and are in good standing.


Funding: $1,000 for new rentals

Eligibility: any full-time employees in good standing are eligible. New hires are eligible after a successful probationary period evaluation.
For additional information, eligibility questions, or help with your application, email or call (901) 552-4781.