Event Sponsorships
Medical District Event Sponsorships

Planning an event in the Medical District? MMDC supports events that activate public spaces, places, and businesses throughout the neighborhoods of the Medical District. Sponsorships are open to any individual, association, business, or organization interested in bringing people together in our Medical District neighborhoods. MMDC sponsors events like:

  • Neighborhood events
  • Festivals
  • Institutional events
  • Grand opening celebrations
  • Holiday markets
  • Creative marketing events supporting the District
  • And more!

Event sponsorships range between $500–$1,500. Applicants may only receive one grant per calendar year.

Before completing an application, please read the PDF of Event Sponsorship FAQ and full application instructions linked on this page.

*If approved, payment will be disbursed to applicant in two payments - half when the agreement is complete and half after the event is completed and event survey is submitted.

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