Public Space Proposal Funds New Sidewalk Repairs 
November 20, 2023

Through the Public Space Proposal Fund, MMDC completed two significant sidewalk repairs in the Uptown and Madison Heights neighborhoods this fall.

Through the Public Space Proposal Fund, MMDC was able to complete two significant sidewalk repairs in the Uptown and Madison Heights neighborhoods this fall!

190 Mill Avenue in Uptown Memphis

Over time, wear and tear had taken a toll on the sidewalks around Greenlaw Park, creating uneven surfaces and potential hazards. Cracked pavements posed safety risks and threatened to decrease mobility for neighbors and parkgoers navigating the area on foot and wheels.

"As an Uptown/Greenlaw community member, I love the community space at the park–how friendships are built and community members gather in the space. ” Ashley Chabot of the Uptown Community Association said.  "One of my personal favorite things is to walk around the park, which led me to apply for the grant to fix the places where the sidewalk was deteriorated making it unsafe for those walking or any of our kids using scooters." 

The sidewalk repairs around the park now stand as a testament to the transformative impact of strategic urban development. Not only do they enhance safety, but they also contribute to a more inviting and visually appealing environment. This improvement will hopefully encourage increased foot traffic, fostering a sense of community as people stroll along the newly renovated walkway.

The Courts in Madison Heights

Understanding the importance of creating an inclusive environment, MMDC directed its efforts toward the Court Avenue project in Madison Heights. This area connects the Medical District to Midtown, so improving the walkability of this neighborhood would help with pedestrian mobility into the city.

“The sidewalks and curbs on the 1300 block of Court Ave have long been neglected,” Austin Macgruder of Red Ace Court Ave Apartments said.

MMDC has been a driving force behind the Medical District’s rejuvenation, emphasizing the importance of accessible and well-maintained public spaces. The recent sidewalk repairs in the Medical District are made possible through the generous support of MMDC partners and community donors. From Uptown to Madison Heights, Victorian Village to Peabody Vance, the Pinch to the Edge, let's build a thriving Medical District together. Invest in your Medical District today by making a gift this holiday season to help us do more sidewalk repairs and pedestrian safety initiatives in 2024 here.

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