November 5, 2021

Naming, a temporary, traveling public art installation designed by Colin Kidder, honors the individuals who were struck and killed by cars in Memphis in 2020. It encourages viewers to consider all the challenges pedestrians encounter while walking on our streets including blocked sidewalks, dangerous drivers, and broken infrastructure.

This piece was located at the corner of Madison Ave. and Dudley St. on the University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s campus.

The Medical District installation of Naming is sponsored by MMDC. In a commitment to safe, healthy, and equitable streets and places, our Be Aware campaign seeks to raise awareness of pedestrian safety in the District. A special thanks to UTHSC for hosting it on their campus in heart of the Medical District and in an area that sees heavy pedestrian traffic. The installation will be on view through mid-December. For more info and to pledge to protect vulnerable roadway users, visit the Be Aware webpage here.

Read more: UTHSC  | News Channel 3 | Action 5 News | Fox 13 News


Colin Kidder is an artist from Memphis, Tennessee. His work is largely inspired by human relationships and themes of balance and tension. He enjoys work that is emotionally and psychologically interesting and touches on deep and relevant feelings. While the medium of his art varies, he has an appreciation for minimal forms.

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