MMDC Ambassador Appreciation Week
June 20, 2023

This week, MMDC honored and celebrated our District Ambassadors who work hard to keep the District clean, vibrant, and inviting all year long.

This week, MMDC honored and celebrated our District Ambassadors who work hard to keep the District clean, vibrant, and inviting all year long. These 10 individuals are the active force in beautifying our public spaces and encouraging pedestrian activity in all of our neighborhoods. From bike patrols to community events, our ambassadors are always around to help you discover the Medical District and the many places and people who make it special. They are some of the first faces visitors, employees, students and residents will see as they explore the District. 

Since the Ambassador Program was launched in 2016, they have made a tremendous impact on the Medical District:

✅ 60k+ Ambassador Hospitality Services Completed

🚮 127K+ Bags of Litter + Leaves Removed

🚎 35K+ Bus Stop Cleanings

🧼 2K+ Pieces of Graffiti removed

The District Ambassadors are a diverse selection of Memphians from all backgrounds, each bringing a different perspective and skill set to the team. James Ragland, Lead Ambassador, grew up in North Memphis and loved the idea of giving back to the community he knows and loves. “I met an ambassador out here one day and asked him what he was doing, and he told me all about the Ambassador Program and how to get involved. I applied because I loved being outside and helping around the neighborhood,” Ragland says.

Ambassador Allen Brooks found his place as an ambassador after being a part of the Teen Challenge Program. Originally from Warren County, TN, Brooks grew up loving the outdoors and has a particular soft spot for the iconic Health Sciences Park that sits at the heart of the UTHSC campuses. He was excited to be an ambassador and seize the opportunity to meet new people all while keeping Memphis and its urban parks beautiful.

“If you see me out and about, come say hello! If you have any questions or need some guidance around the area, I’m happy to help because that’s what the ambassadors are for,” says Brooks. 

Thanks to Ragland, Brooks, and all our other wonderful ambassadors the District continues to flourish and become a welcoming place for all of Memphis to enjoy.

Other Initiatives

The Medical District has been seeing stripes this year! With the help of our District Ambassadors, MMDC recently launched the Zebra Crosswalk Memphis initiative to raise awareness for pedestrian safety in our urban streets. Ambassadors traded in their blue uniforms for black and white zebra onesies to help safely walk–and dance!–pedestrians across the street in the District’s busiest intersections.

Your contribution is what helps make it possible for our Ambassador Program to stay up and running all year long. Consider making a gift to MMDC in celebration of our hardworking ambassadors this week!

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