August 1, 2018
Manassas Street

Manassas Street is phase two of MMDC’s streetscape enhancement projects implemented in partnership with the City of Memphis (the City). Following the resurfacing of Manassas from April to June 2018 by the City, MMDC added street design features to further improve the safety and aesthetics of this critical north to south connector.

The City’s resurfacing project reduced the roadway from five to three lanes to better accommodate traffic flow from Poplar to MLK Avenues and added dedicated bike lanes to connect existing and future bicycle routes in the city. On-street parking and buffered bike lanes add additional safety features for cyclists and improve the comfort level for pedestrians.  

MMDC’s additional enhancements further improve the safety of the street for all users. The focal point of the project is the artistic mid-block crossing located between Madison and Union Avenues, positioned between the University of Tennessee’s Cancer Research Building to the west and Health Sciences Park to the east. Local artists Cat and Nick Peña designed the piece which covers nearly 2,600 square feet of roadway. Local artists Anthony Lee and Kaleob Elkins partnered on the installation. The artistic installation is bordered by two crosswalks and aids in the traffic calming at this highly-used mid-block crossing.  

Key Enhancements on Manassas

  • Pedestrian bump outs and crosswalks provide additional visual cues to drivers to reduce speeds and watch for pedestrians; reduce crossing time and distance for pedestrians
  • Endurablend pavement coating (bump outs and mid-block crosswalks)
  • Streetbond pavement coating (mid-block artistic installation)
  • Concrete traffic domes further calm traffic and protect pedestrians
  • Bike lane protections including wheel stops and delineator posts keep cyclists safe
  • 70 self-watering planters
  • Dual flow waste and recycling receptacles
  • High visibility crosswalks
  • Artistic crosswalk designed by Cat and Nick Peña in partnership with Anthony Lee and Kaleob Elkins
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