August 1, 2023
Public Space Proposal Fund: Sidewalk Edition


Neighborhood associations, community groups, businesses, non-profits, and residents in the Medical District are eligible to apply.

The Medical District neighborhoods include the Edge District, the Pinch District, Peabody-Vance, Victorian Village, Madison Heights, Uptown, and the communities north of Poplar. Residents are highly encouraged to receive approval from their neighbors for their project, and are required to inform any existing neighborhood association about the project before applying.


The application must include:

  • Evidence that the appropriate neighbors were contacted about the project.
  • Evidence of site control:
  • Permission from a private property owner if the property where the project takes place is privately owned.
  • Evidence that contact has been made with the appropriate city or state agency if the property where the project will take place is on public property.
  • All required questions in the application are answered.
  • The name and contact information of the project lead who will be responsible for ensuring the project is completed.

Strong projects will demonstrate:

  • A need for the project in the neighborhood.
  • That this project will make the Medical District neighborhood safer, more vibrant, accessible, or attractive for pedestrians.

Applications open August 28th and close September 22nd, 2023.

More Info and Guidelines

For additional information, eligibility questions, or help with your application please contact

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