Mind Your Business: Meet the Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence Specialist
June 12, 2024

656 Madison Avenue

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Join us for an in-person workshop on Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence led by Lauren Brown, JD, MBA. Lauren's years of passion, expertise and experience have been used to form her company, LRB Global Consultant Services™, A Series LLC which provides solutions to start-ups and small businesses in business structures, compliance, training, and intellectual property protection. The company’s motto is “Your regulatory health is your business wealth™.”

MMDC's Mind Your Business series is an educational platform of classes taught by subject matter experts to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs scale with the skills for business cycle planning, marketing strategies, workforce building, business financials and taxes, and succession planning.

Mind Your Business is proud to be a Launch Tennessee Community Partner

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